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Boston's Most Acclaimed Chinese Restaurant
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There's no such thing as too many dumplings, which is why ours are handmade everyday.


Our soups are made from scratch everyday. Have one today for a light appetizer to your meal.


Lo Mein, Chow Foon, Sauteed Udon, Singapore Rice Noodles, Pan Seared Angel Hair - try them all.


Founded in 1989, Our Story Begins Much Earlier...

Bernard Leung, born in Hong Kong, moved in New York in the '70s to work under Chef Peng Chang-keui, the famed creator of General Tso's chicken. With many years of experience under his belt, he found an opportunity to open up his own restaurant in Chestnut Hill in 1989. The landlord was excited to welcome our Hong Kong style cuisine to the area but had one request: a unique name. No Temples, no Gardens, and no Gates like thousands of other ordinary Chinese restaurants around the country. 


You'll find your time here to be anything but ordinary. We strive to provide the best-tasting dishes that you are familiar with and others that are central to southern China and Hong Kong. That's why Bernard is proud to put his name on his restaurant. 


We have served over three generations. Find out why people keep coming back.


For Take Out orders, please call us at 617-738-3388 from opening hours until 9pm everyday.


For Delivery, please find us at DoorDash online.


For Reservations, please call ahead, especially on weekends and holidays. We will do our best to accommodate any large party reservations. 


For Catering, please call us to serve at your next event. In the past, we have catered at weddings, school events, birthday parties, and corporate events.